With MYdens Cosmogas sets a new goal in the condensing world.

With MYdens Cosmogas sets a new goal in the condensing world for the residential sector.

A new concept boiler to satisfy all the users’ needs, using the space in a smart way and making rooms hot and comfortable, such as bathroom and shower which become small wellness center and without forgetting energy saving, comfort, easiness of use, reliability, low environmental impact.

Only 30,5 cm contain the power of MYdens, in an elegant and refined design suitable for every domestic space, such as niche or piece of furniture.

Small dimensions and lightness make the installation easy. Special attention is focused on user’s accessibility, with simple control devices, and on easiness of maintenance thanks to its front panel. MYdens is available in a large range of powers (14, 25,5 and 34,8 kW) and options.

With MYdens, Cosmogas launched a project revolution which sets a new course in the name of energy saving and respect to the environment.

An example is the absence of welds which improves the reliability and reduces the use of primary energy required in the production process, in line with ecological design canons which provide single materials recovery.


To whom is dedicated MYdens?

 As a result of Cosmogas research, this new boiler promises to fully satisfy needs of final users and technicians.